Fun Facts

How are you doing fellas? What’s the craic?

As usual I am stuck here in my little padded cell enjoying the time of the month when the wind blows cold and there’s a light drizzle when you ride a bus. I haven’t done my research and assignments yet and so I am still listening to my old records. I met a guy who plays a violin a couple of days ago and I was thinking of starting a collaboration about Celtic music. But then again that is just a thought that crossed my mind. Nothing serious to that.

My friend in Dublin is celebrating his birthday today the 15th. Happy Birthday Donie. You remember we featured him as our guest painter last time. This time of the year ,a lot of good bands are on tour and I will be looking for them. For now I have this cool link to a site that offers fun facts about Ireland. Take a look at this link:

I realize there is no pic to show today. Oh well , I will catch up next time.


4 thoughts on “Fun Facts

  1. Cool! A lot of the facts I knew – but certainly not all of them! Thanks for sharing these.

    We’re still in snow here. Mostly the dirty stuff since we haven’t gotten any new snow for over a week. Hey, here’s something for you – Naples, Florida (The Ever Glades) had ice this week! Bad for the oranges and veggies, but something that hasn’t happened for a VERY long time!


  2. Thanks for dropping by Chris. I still envy you for your weather. That is something new! Great trivia. I don’t have so much planned for the weekend…maybe just hang around the neighborhood and listen to leaves rustling 🙂 Take care and talk to you later 🙂


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