Special Euromusic on Enya in January on Eurochannel‏

More news pouring in from both sides of the globe. I got an email  with attached pic and logo from Mandy Mokhtari Press Attache for Eurochannel.

Special Euromusic on Enya in January on Eurochannel

In January, Eurochannel, the only channel with 100% European content available on DISH Network in the US, is pleased to present Enya, the world famous Irish icon.

Come to celebrate with Eurochannel the release of her latest album, The Very Best of Enya (2009), during a special program including an interview and some of her most famous video clips!

Enya – The Very Best of will premiere on January the 10th at 8 PM (Eastern Time) and 9 PM (Pacific).

All the details of this special program are here: http://www.eurochannel.com/web/eurochannelusa/enya

Soon, Eurochannel will organize a contest with limited editions of her latest CD Enya The very best of.  Stay tuned on www.eurochannel.com!

I think this is a fabulous event and Celticmusicfan will monitor how this  will unfold. You can also reach Mandy here:

Mandy Mokhtari
Eurochannel US PR

235 Lincoln Road, Suite 206
Miami Beach, Florida. 33 139


3 thoughts on “Special Euromusic on Enya in January on Eurochannel‏

  1. I love Enya’s music. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to hear this broadcast.

    I want to wish you a healthy and happy holiday season and a wondrous new year, dear friend.

    Love and Peace,


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