An Irish Christmas

Hello readers and fellow bloggers. I apologize for being late again. Things have been hectic lately. The new job training has been taking so much of my time. Anyway I am still alive and kicking here to bring you all the stuff with the big C.

Let me present Moya Brennan’sAn Irish Christmas’ .I think this is the best album to greet the Yuletide season. From the first track up to the last, you will be swept away by heavenly vocals and superb instrumental arrangements.

Celtic Season Vol I, II and III

  Great introduction to bands and artists you probably haven’t heard of yet.  I was amazed by Windham Hill’s choice of materials and I really like the packaging . You will hear artists like Loreena McKennitt,Nightnoise, Capercaillie, Carlos Nunez and a lot more.


And Winter Came by Enya

I have listened to this album on and off-season. My personal favorites are Trains and Winter Rains, Last Time by Moonlight and My! MY! Time Flies! With that adorable blues guitar solo and Beatlesque beat. Don’t miss the newest greatest hits compilation “The Very Best of Enya out now.

The Angel and the Soldier Boy

Clannad made this soundtrack for the animated film of the same title. Beautiful haunting sounds fit for the season.

To Drive the Cold Winter Away

  Loreena McKennitt has the voice that is both ancient and contemporary. Her approach is more bare but vibrant with her harp playing and choice of materials.

I do have a lot in mind but we have limited time. I hope you can add your own seasonal albums here.


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