Notable Celtic releases III

While the world hangs on a balance, let’s take a break , have tea and listen to these greats.

az_B101749_Macalla_ClannadClannadMacalla. The album means ‘echo’ in Irish. 10 beautiful tracks that will truly bring the magic around . Moya Brennan’s haunting vocals is wrapped finely in silken instrumental arrangements. Tracks like Caislean Oir, Buachaill On Eirne, Northern Skyline and In a Lifetime which is a duet with U2’s Bono will really haunt you.

loreelementLoreena McKennittElemental. A debut album  of lush, introspective and simple arrangements from this Canadian singer-composer. It’s just her voice backed by the harp and few instruments. You can’t help but be moved by her rendition of She Moved through the Fair and Blacksmith. Stolen Child will bring out the airy fairy in you.

2d00b528640dcab912fe3363dd314d06DagdaUnderword. Trans, ambient and New Age. You have these styles fused into this truly captivating album by the Irish duo. The tracks progress seamlessly with washes of uillean pipes, Gregorian choral singing, female vocals and keyboards. If you have the itch to go on clubbing in an elves suit, then this is the album you must bring with you.

Denez_Prigent_-_Me_'Zalc'h_Ennon_Ur_Fulenn_Aour_-Denez PrigentMe Zalc h Ennon Ur Fulenn Aour. This is pure Breton music as the title suggests. If you want your tune mournful, haunting but at times punctuated with festive vibes then this one is for you.  You will expect the showcase of hurdy-gurdy, Breton pipes-the beniou and bombarde, techno beats and yes the Bagad .

416NPCK559L__SL500_AA240_Patrick Street : Live. Vigorous playing, tight arrangements and traditional materials. Patrick Street brings Dublin and the rest of Ireland into your living room. The tunes are catchy and upbeat and I could really sing to them. Yes the voice  of Andy Irvine  is something not to be missed.

0009ca5c_mediumNightnoiseAt the End of the Evening. The soul of the late Michael Ni Dhomhnaill will live on in this timeless collection of haunting melodies, lush harmonies and beautiful instrumental arrangements. Snow on a High Ground is a classic!


2 thoughts on “Notable Celtic releases III

  1. You and I have much of the same taste in Celtic music! But though I have heard of Michael Ni Dhomhnail, I haven’t heard much of his music.

    We have a great music radio show on a local station here that is actually heard all over the world where I get both new and old music. Thistle and Shamrock with Fiona Ritchie is my resource for great Celtic music!!!


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