Mary Fahl House Last!


Got this message from Chris Cline :

I noticed that you posted about Mary Fahl’s touring back in June.  I thought you might be interested in publicizing her first-ever House Concert.

I’ll be hosting her at my place in Media, PA (just outside Philly) on 12/12.

Full details here:

Facebook Event page here:




mary_set1_top_right1Well , well, well! This has been long anticipated and at last the ‘Aurora Borealis’ voice is once again in full form and doing concerts all around. For those of you new to her, Mary Fahl did the lead vocals for October Project. The band made a huge impression globally and was even featured several times in local song magazines here in the Philippines (my friend even remarked: How can you play these songs with all these complicated chords!). But apart for the lush orchestration and wonderful melodies, the center was her voice! The commanding presence of that rich ethereal contralto has never failed to raise curiosity among music lovers. I thought I’d never hear any news after ‘The Other Side of Time” but wow she is back. She is really back!!!!

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