A Little Bit Behind.

I  apologize for being a little bit behind but I promise more interviews coming up from new artists as well as more articles. Anyway, while on the wait, I want you to browse some interesting sites of my friends. They write original materials and they are lovely people top talk to.Here they are in random order.

Sami– Hats off. Wonderful musician. His music is not Celtic but it is something I would love to listen to all day. There is positivity in every melody, wonderful vibes all throughout and he’s really a cool fella to talk to.

Christi– Someone I could talk to about Celtic music all day. This interesting writer loves journaling her life away. If you want a laid back kind of prose and relaxing scenes of everyday life then she is certainly the one for you.

Timethief-When I am troubled and I want healing, then I just drop by timethief’s page. She writes about personal development, growth and relationship.

Tony– He is funny, witty and full of soul. I am not joking when I say that trottersville is one os the most smile inducing sites in cyberspace.

Ryhen-Fellow pinoy and author of Virtual Synapses.

Dorothy– You can talk to grandma about anything. Here’s one person I have fun chatting and reading about. Wisdom and humor. Those are the things I love about Grammology.  There’s more and I will mention them next time .


I also got a surprise when I discovered that the enya.com has a new look. Julie Fowlis has a new album out and what a great way to discover her music is through her official myspace channel: http://www.myspace.com/juliefowlis  I heard she’s gonna be a mom too.

Lastly, I will be showcasing  Alf Kelty  and Sue Aston in  interviews soon. You can listen to Alf’s music :http://www.myspace.com/alfatlastree and Sue’s http://www.myspace.com/sueaston.


7 thoughts on “A Little Bit Behind.

  1. Mr. Celtic!! Here you are! I’m ashamed to say that I never visited your blog! I thought I did though *thinks*…but I didn’t.

    How are you?! I kinda miss you (and several others) on BC ^_^. Will you be back someday?

    Take care & be careful for the angry waves okay!


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