Inside I’m Singing by Secret Garden

In the video: Secret Garden & Steinar Albrigtsen(vocals) Composer: Rolf Lovland & Brendan Graham Song For a Stormy Night taken from the new album Inside I’m Singing.

If you haven’t gotten the copy yet of the great duo Secret Garden, the new album will not disappoint. Inside I’m Singing is a collection of original materials reinterpreted by singers including Barbra Streisand, Brian Kennedy and Elaine Paige. This is a great lullaby to listen to on a stormy night. Secret Garden is composed of Rolf Lovland from Norway and Fionnuala Sherry from Ireland. learn more by visiting the official website  :

Been a fan since the first album was released.  If you are a fan of Neo-Classical music with a Celtic/Scandinavian twist then this will do wonders for you.

8 thoughts on “Inside I’m Singing by Secret Garden

  1. You have a unique choice of music here my friend. I’m not really sure what celtic music is, but I remember the time when progressive metal was once totally unheard of in our country. I think I was one of the few people listening to that kind of stuff way back in highschool. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. We can always find people who like the same stuff that we listen to, don’t we?


  2. CMF,
    Celtic music use to be only the old tunes and that which came from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Well as the genre grew to include the Celts that who inhabit Brittany, Cape Breton and so many other places around the globe it has grown in style and substance.

    Then of course you add the new part of Celtic music called Celtic rock music, and “voila” you have more!

    Cool piece of music! I think that the melding of Celtic and Scandinavian music is so cool!


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