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Notable Celtic Releases List

Sure I have been away from the computer most of the time but not on my music player;) These are the list of artists I would suggest you listen to if you are looking for authentic Celtic stuff:

1. Connie Dover-The Border of Heaven conniedover2

The “voice so pure, so captivating, that it tells you: this is how to sing a song” artist released this wonderful album in 2001. My choice picks are: I Am Going to the West, Brother Green , My Dearest Dear and The Water is Wide. Visit her official homepage.

2. Cecile Corbel-Song Book vol. 2cecile-corbel-song-book2-nov2008

If you haven’t picked up Cecile Corbel’s latest recording yet, then I recommend you give her a listen. This Breton artist has already established herself as one of the formidable forces in the Celtic arena. Visit the official website.

3. Jenny Mulvey-Suirimulveycd01

Beautiful singing, eclectic approach to traditional material-these are what you can expect from this Irish singer. You can listen here.

4. Dom Duff-E Unanpochette_Dom_Duff

This 2008 release by this Breton recording artist is a good introduction to his earlier releases. If you like your Celtic music invading the festive barracks of the Gypsy Kings and moving a few degrees into the realm of Sting then Dom Duff is for you. More sound samples here.

5. Sue Aston-Sacred Landscapessueaston

This pro violinist from Cornwall has all the chops to charm her way into the hearts of her listeners. If you like your music with a mellow waltz of Secret Garden and the mysticism of Cornwall then ms Aston will light your way. Samples can be heard here.

More to come…..

3 comments on “Notable Celtic Releases List

  1. Tony Single
    October 14, 2009

    This makes one appreciate the sheer variety to be found within any given musical genre. Who would’ve thought that Celtic music could have so many facets to it? :)


  2. celticmusicfan
    October 14, 2009

    I agree Tony. It takes all kinds…..


  3. clbro
    October 22, 2009

    Connie Dover has a similar sound (and look!) to Loreena McKennitt from the pieces I’ve heard. Nice to have another beautiful voice on the Celtic music scene.

    Suiri’s music I have come to love on MySpace.

    The others I will definitely have to explore!


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