The Album Cover for The Very Best of Enya

The Very Best of Enya Cover

The Very Best of Enya Cover

Here is the  controversial album cover for The Very Best of Enya coming out this November 16. Ok folks , so the debate hasn’t ebbed yet? Actually I don’t care what others say about this but I think this is a gorgeous choice. After all, The Very Best of brings to light her past and present releases. So what better choice could there be than the picture off Shepherd Moons era.

The skirt also suggests her red dress color in the Amarantine album which is a transition since she ventured into the realm of the Loxian language. This concept represents the old and the new Enya; plus, red, black and white  are bold colors that stand out from the rest of releases this year.

And-Winter-Came-album-cover-150x150Another thing worth mentioning. Congratulations! And Winter Came album cover is also nominated for Grammy Awards as the best album cover. More details can be found on the News section of . Though others like Robbi might not agree with this as a favorite, I think the theme is relevant since it is a Winter Themed album.

And one last thing. Look at this gorgeous photo taken in 2008 by Simon Fowler.


Click for a larger version


5 thoughts on “The Album Cover for The Very Best of Enya

  1. I have to confess ignorance on the “controversy” surrounding the cover image for the new best of by Enya. Is it simply that the image is not to people’s liking, or other reasons? I love it. It’s elegant and it’s iconic, and it very much appeals to the artist in me.

    Speaking of Enya, I have just this week gone purchased my first album of hers… yes, you guessed it: And Winter Came… I remember listening to my sister’s collection of Enya albums many years ago (the first three or so, I think), knowing that there was something about her music that struck me, but being too young to appreciate why. It’s nice to come back to her after so many yeasrs away. I have you to thank for that, my friend. 🙂

    I am especially moved by Stars and Midnight Blue on this album. The word are simple, yet convey so much. It’s as if they were sung for an audience of two… my wife and me. Yes, she loved it too. 😛


  2. There are those who like it , there are those who don’t. Most of the people who are vocal about their dislike are members of the official forum. I know that people are inherently creative. It is ok to be critical, but I think sensitivity and consideration should also prevail.

    Wowe really? I think AWC is a wonderful Winter Themed album which can be listened in any season (minus some tracks that are overtly Christmassy). My personal favorite is Last Time by Moonlight.

    Give my regards to your wife. I really enjoy reading her posts.


  3. Hi.

    I just love the album cover. She looks amazing and I’m sure the album will be as well. Has she sneaked any new tracks on to it? Does anyone know?



  4. Thanks for dropping by Dell. As of now there is still talks about the ‘hidden track’ but it has not been confirmed by Aigle yet. But I assure you it says that the album contains remastered tracks for enhanced audio experience. Also some of the tracks like “Aniron’ is lengthy and perhaps different than the one on The Fellowship of the Rings. But we shall see.


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