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Celtic_Design_Blackberry_Sage_by_Pagans_UniteTemperance is the key to stay in balance. I am not saying this is the key to success. I can’t tell you so much more because I myself is still looking for the real me amidst all these trappings. It is funny when we as adults sometimes put ourselves in embarrassing situations even if it is in the spirit of fun. Sometimes getting drunk on fun not knowing when to quit turns us into total buffoons.

I tend to be the person with so much ideas and they compete with each other. I have so many moods that they sometimes race against each other. I have so many facets which though interesting, they can also be a source of great sadness. I am 34 and I will be 35 next year. That is hardly juvenile in human standards. Writing about Celtic music gave me temperance and focus. I know that though I have so many sides, like the eye of the needle; very few should pass here. Because no matter how crazy the outside world can be, I am in the presence of something I really love an respect: which in turn brought me a lot of friends.

I think a true blogger has a responsibility not only to him/herself but also to the community he/she attends to. For those who respect the craft of writing we know how powerful words are and how they can leave bullet holes in your soul. We know that with great power comes great responsibility. As I am trying to be a good employee in my job, so should I also be a good on-line presence.

For someone who treasures the arts and the artists, I have to make it my responsibility to influence that gentleness through my writing. Because we know how fragile an artist’s soul is no matter how powerful his words and mediums are. When I say artists I do not mean just the visual or musical arts. I am also referring to other areas.

To quote from Loreena McKennitt in her View from Here section on her site:

Through my music, I have tried in my own humble way to explore many facets of history and humanity through the strong belief that there is more to bind us together than tear us apart. Although on one hand we all cherish the right to freedom of expression, the greater challenge, I believe, is having the wisdom in the interests of social harmony and respect to know when to exert it.  I would like to add my voice to the many others around the world who come from various religious and non-religious persuasions who believe that the voice of sensitivity, moderation, tolerance, forgiveness and love is the one which must prevail. In all the ways we can make music in the world, hopefully we can make sure that that raising our voice for peace is heard.

I say Amen to that and happy blogging (as we always say in the blog forum).