Sora:Making Music that Elves Make.

tn_2014_sora3_1243013045I could close my eyes and let her music turn my speakers into forest. Warm, organic and ethereal, that’s Sora’s music for you.  Heartwood, her third release of 2009, explores the landscapes inside the heart, with varying textures and soundscapes of acoustic layered instruments and superb production. The nuances and richness of her voice is captured  by  Producer/Engineer Douglas Romanow. She teeters between the discipline of Classical music and the evocative atmosphere of Celtic music . Described as picturesque. This album is something that any Secret Garden and Enya listeners would lend their ears too. Apart from her beautiful soaring soprano, Sora is also a keen instrumentalist playing strings and keyboards in her recordings. She got this after touring as a teenager with the Calgary Youth Orchestra and the Calgary Fiddlers. You can listen to her tracks on her official MySpace site as well as a page in the Celtic Myth Podshow . You can also legally download Heartwood, the title track  on this site.

Sora credits major influences: Loreena McKennitt , Enya , Sarah Brightman, Kate Price , Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Sarah Slean, Indigo Girls, Aeone and  Secret Garden


One thought on “Sora:Making Music that Elves Make.

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