Mac Talla Mor:Hip,Haunting and Traditional

If you want your vocalist to have a strong distinctive voice(ala Natalie Merchant), yet ethereal enough to be called Celtic, then New York based Mac Talla Mor is for you. If you want something traditional but  spliced with irresistible dance beats, music that’s hip but never loses vision then this band is for you.

Scottish pipe playing has always been Mac Talla Mor’s  focal point along with the Illana Regina’s strong vocals and classically trained piano playing. What’s more, each member can play other instruments which makes hearing them a rewarding experience. They have been coined ‘music for the masses’.

Mac Talla Mor in Gaelic means ‘great echo”. Learn more by visiting their home page and watch an uploaded video. Unfortunately there is not much resources on the web at this point. But with your support, the band will go places!

Albums out:

* Piping Hot 2005

* No Man’s Land 2006

* Jacob’s Ladder 2007

* The New Colossus 2008

You can listen to samples and buy mp3s here:

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