Upcoming Mary Fahl Tour Dates

Mary Fahl

Mary Fahl

For fans of October Project and Mary Fahl‘s solo project,you can check out her upcoming appearances here. It has been a long time since she released her debut album The Other Side of Time, followed by a track by track take of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon titled From The Dark Side Of The Moon. Mary has the vocal pipes made for the Gods .

Could October Project be the same without her? She defined what a ‘vampire kiss’ means when you have such a voice. Interview With The Vampire could have been the ticket the band needed in order to make it to the mainstream. But they instead used the lame Guns and Roses track which is actually a cover of a Rolling Stone original .

For a much more detailed information, click here:Mary Fahl


4 thoughts on “Upcoming Mary Fahl Tour Dates

  1. Today, for the first time I discovered Mary Fahl and October Project, and that they wrote a song once inspired by my novel Interview with the Vampire. I’ve been celebrating Mary Fahl with youtube links all day on my Facebook page. What a beautiful voice. Lustrous, smokey, gorgeous. What a discovery. —- I hope Mary Fahl tours in southern California. I want to see her in person, hear her single operatic arias in person, hear anything she wants to sing in person, actually. Can’t wait. Anne Rice.


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