Stephen O’Connor and the Uilleann Pipes

  Stephen O'Connor with his Uilleann Pipes. 

 I have been haunted by the sound of the Uilleann Pipes ever since.I  I really wanted to do a tribute to it .I am glad to finally know someone in the Internet by the name of Stephen O’Connor who plays it like no other.  I sent Stephen  a message asking him if I can feature a video of him playing this wonderful instrument at home. I got captivated by this video and I think this is the best example of how such instrument can deliver more even without an accompaniment. He got back to me with a pleased answer.Stephen started playing this Irish traditional instrument at an early age  and taught by Ireland’s best musicians.

His resume includes:

Dublin‘s well known Templebar 

Oliver St. John Gogarty’s,

presenting live radio show LiveIreland

Touring with Gaelforce Dance(he visited Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania) Dance Masters and Rhythms Of Ireland  

Check this video out:

Stephen O\’Connor


  More information about this wonderful musician is available here:       


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