Jenny Mulvey:A Luminous Voice on the Rise

Celtic music is hip.Answering to my Cara Dillon blog post on,Traditional Irish singer Jenny Mulvey posted this:

Jenny Mulvey
Jenny Mulvey



At 1:58am on 29 May 2009, Jenny Mulvey said…

Hello! My name is Jenny Mulvey. I’m a folk singer from Ireland. You can hear me on I hope you are doing well! 


  I wasn’t disappointed. Actually I am very  pleased. I think she has a bit of Mary Jane Lammond and Karen Matheson on her.There is  poignancy in her voice that recalls to mind Ireland’s lush and misty landscapes; the battles fought and won .

When I listen to music like this I shut my mind from any distraction. I avoid looking into the computer and just close my eyes. I can really feel her passion and the dedication to what she does. I think with the diversity of her style and interesting influences , it is by consequence that her album will have a cross-over appeal. She has a bit of Punk, Classical and Traditional Irish in her. She will please  lots of ears and tickle  many hearts.


There are four tracks on her myspace page:


Maire Mhor: Featuring a Bodhran and electric guitar.

Lullaby of London: A short lively tune.

Cuaichin Gleann Neifin:Voice, harmony and piano.

Brid Og Ni Mhaille: We have low whistle ,keyboards and fiddle accompanying her haunting voice.To check out the Gaelic lyrics and English translation,click this link:

The Gypsies: Beautiful trickling of the piano keys glide across this hymn  that is striking in its simplicity.

I am sure Ms Mulvey will see a lot of venues for her wonderful voice and fantastic arrangements .


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