The Otherworldly Music of Sleepthief

I’ve never heard of Justin Elswick until recently when I listened to Sleepthief at MySpace. I love what I heard…a soundscape of electronic music laced with lush orchestrations and angelic voices.Vocalists like Nicola Hitchcock who worked with Mandalay as well as Kristy Harkshaw are featured.The strength of Justin’s composition is his use of strong melodies and interesting chord progressions that call in mind the works of Delerium and Enya.This kind of music will go to unmeasurable heights if given the right exposure like maybe being featured in films like Narnia, LOTR or even X-Files! Justin is a member of the LDS missionaries before being a practicing lawyer in Utah. He got his B. A . Philosophy at Trinity college , Dublin Ireland. At this time he also concentrated in music which years later spawned Sleepthief. To listen to the music, just visit this site :


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