Celtic meets Gothic

Black Tape For Blue Girl andFaith And The Muse are two bands I am keeping my ears to these days. They’re not new. They’ve been around since the eighties but it is now that cyberspace has given them ‘accessibility.Truth to tell , I’ve heard about them since the mid-90s from a Goth friend but records are hard to find . So you are at the mercy of whoever would lend you his or her tape.  The common thing that they both share is the reference to Celticism, not only in lyrics but also on arrangements.

BTFBG boasts  the talent of frontman Sam Rosenthal (also manager for Projek records) on programing and keyboards, Lisa Feuer on flute and vocals, Elysabeth Grant (also of Rachael’s.Surrender) on vocals and violin, Brett Helm (of Audra) on vocals, and Michael Laird (of Unto Ashes) on acoustic guitar and vocals. The most notable former member is the long-time vocalist Oscar Herrera.The band also explores themes like loss,vulnerability, isolation and a lot more.

FATM on the other hand is composed of Monica Richards and William Faith. So now I get it, Faith would have  to be  William while the Muse is Monica Richards. Makes sense? The band is also very eclectic in their approach to arrangement do it would be unfair to put them in a single category.

These days as depression sets in like the Autumn of the soul, it is not surprising to find both darkwave and Celtic on my playlist. It’s like a combination of velvet and green curtains, bellowing as the dusk wind chills the bones. There is really comfort in knowing that a style or artistry in music has the capacity to tell you ” it’s OK, I am here.You can turn to me in times of pain. I know you and I would never leave you”.





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