Fraser Fifield: Relationship of sounds and styles(Interview)

Also in this edition: Colin Nea, Therese Honey and Enda Seery Plays: saxophone/whistle/kaval/bagpipes/percussion/composition From: Edinburgh, United Kingdom. About: musician, composer and producer. With the excitement of an upcoming album, Fraser Fifield talks to The Celtic Music Fan about music and what makes collaborative musical work interesting. This week’s special attention is given to Scottish musician, composer and producer Fraser Fifield. … Continue reading

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Retro: Farewell and Remember Me by Boys of the Lough

Track listing: “Sean But/ Tommy People’s/ The Lark in the Morning” (jigs) (All traditional) “The Leitrim Queen” (song) (Ian Burns) “Lucky Can Du Link Ony/ Pottinger’s/ Billy Nicholson” (reels) (Trad/ Tom Anderson/ Trad) “Farewell and Remember Me” (song) (J Chalmers) “Angus Polka no 1/ Angus Polka No 2/ Donegal Barn Dance” (All trad) “An Spailpin … Continue reading

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Phil Holland Sings of Ancient Greece and the Celts (An Interview)

(pictures courtesy of her Myspace site) Turn off the lights, open your windows. Above the ceiling are glow stars. Outside the crescent moon hangs like a golden boat. The scent of night flowers permeates the air and the stars twinkle above Van Gogh’s indigo sky . A gentle soprano glides accompanied by the majestic harp ,singing about people … Continue reading